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TV & MovieAerial Filming Services


Right shot, first time. With an eye for creative execution, over 19,000 hours experience and zero incidents or accidents, we take the stress out of technically challenging, high-energy aerial shoots where time, cost and quality are all paramount.

When capturing live action, there are no second chances. Being a highly experienced, safety conscious pilot, flying at speed across challenging terrain is only one part of the equation; the other is to simultaneously envisage the audience experience, positioning the helicopter like a camera to enable capture of the best angles, making best use of natural lighting and landscapes as they happen. For non-live productions, this skill typically translates to cost savings, with fewer hours required to nail the shoot.

From a technical perspective, we have extensive experience working with externally mounted fixed and gyro-stabilised camera systems, including Shotover, GSS and Cineflex, and are authorised to fly (as well as instruct and conduct flight tests) in almost every civil helicopter out there, enabling us to uniquely select the most appropriate machine for the job.

Founder, Chief Pilot & Examiner, David Adamson has been flying commercially in several countries since 1986, conducting specialist air-to-air and low level aerial film services for the movie, television and sports industries. Credits include Hollywood blockbusters such as Lion, live sports events such as WRC, Dakar and Tour Down Under and award-winning documentaries such as Life on the Reef, Coast Australia and Terra.

David is also a safety expert and advocate, working with ATSB as a technical subject matter expert on accidents and incidents, and with production companies as an aerial co-ordinator, ensuring shoot sequences are developed, approved and seamlessly executed, safely, in collaboration with camera crew, production crew, directors, other pilots and local authorities (CASA, police, fire, ambulance, etc) before, during and after filming.

Listed below are a few of the hundreds of productions we've worked on.

For behind-the-scenes stills and video, visit our Galleries: Latest Gallery (our instagram feed), Low-Level Gallery; Air-to-Air Gallery.



Compilation of Specialist Helicopters work.

Finke: There and Back

<span class="dash_title_first">Finke: There and Back</span>

Movie | Documentary, Action/Adventure. Blood, sweat, and dollars spill across the centre of Australia at the iconic Finke Desert Race.


<span class="dash_title_first">Lion</span>

Movie | Biography, Drama. A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home. He survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia. 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family.

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Emergency Rescue Down Under

<span class="dash_title_first">Emergency Rescue Down Under</span>

TV Series | Documentary, Reality-TV. The missions of Australia’s various emergency response services.

The Code

<span class="dash_title_first">The Code</span>

TV Series | Drama, Thriller. Two Canberra based brothers become entangled in a cover up that involves a remote outback community and key members of the Australian Government.

Spirit of Yachting: Sydney Hobart Race

<span class="dash_title_first">Spirit of Yachting: Sydney Hobart Race</span>

TV Movie | Documentary, Sports. Exploring some of the most exciting events in the world of sailing – telling the human stories behind the race and revealing the passion, emotion and dedication needed to take part in any world class sporting occasion.

Explorers: Adventures of the Century

<span class="dash_title_first">Explorers: Adventures of the Century</span>

TV Series | Documentary, Action/Adventure. Follow the world’s most accomplished athletes across perilous deserts, racing rapids, highest peaks and deepest oceans capturing eye-popping footage of human skill in ultimate, extreme adventure.


<span class="dash_title_first">Terra</span>

Movie | Documentary. A visually stunning documentary that reflects human’s relationship to other species on Earth as humanity becomes more and more isolated from Nature.

Outback Truckers

<span class="dash_title_first">Outback Truckers</span>

TV Series | Documentary, Reality-TV. Australia is a land of extremes and the Outback Truckers face those extremes on every job they do.

Life on the Reef

<span class="dash_title_first">Life on the Reef</span>

TV Series | Documentary. Where man meets wild and Nature calls the shots. A year in the life of those who living in the most extraordinary place on the planet, the Great Barrier Reef.

Coast Australia

<span class="dash_title_first">Coast Australia</span>

TV Series | Documentary. BBC UK Archaeologist and historian Neil Oliver film the vast and spectacular coastline of Australia on the largest expedition the Coast team has undertaken.

Air Rescue

<span class="dash_title_first">Air Rescue</span>

TV Series | Documentary. Factual observational documentary series following the high stakes work and real-life drama of the rescue crews in the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.

First Contact

<span class="dash_title_first">First Contact</span>

TV Series | Documentary. Six out of ten who call Australia home have had little or no contact with Indigenous people. 28 days. Six well-known Aussies. One life-changing journey.

Bushfires: Inside the Inferno

<span class="dash_title_first">Bushfires: Inside the Inferno</span>

TV Series | Documentary. The most comprehensive examination ever attempted of the science of Australian bushfires.

The Bachelor

<span class="dash_title_first">The Bachelor</span>

TV Series | Game-show, Reality-TV. A Bachelor and group of Bachelorettes on a romantic series of elaborate single and group dates, resulting in a rose ceremony where the Bachelor presents a single rose to the ladies that he would like to get to know more.

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Australia’s Got Talent

<span class="dash_title_first">Australia’s Got Talent</span>

TV series | Game-Show, Reality-TV. People with weird and wonderful talents compete for a prize of $250,000.


<span class="dash_title_first">Drift</span>

Movie | Drama, Sport. In the 70s two brothers battle killer waves, conservative society and ruthless bikers to kick-start the modern surf industry.

72 Hours

<span class="dash_title_first">72 Hours</span>

TV series | Documentary, Action-adventure | Three teams of three strangers are dropped into the wild with 72 hours to find a briefcase-containing $100,000. The first team to find it, keeps it.

Year of Adventures

<span class="dash_title_first">Year of Adventures</span>

TV Series | Documentary. Ben Fogle travels the globe in the pursuit of the ultimate challenge.

Great Southern Land

<span class="dash_title_first">Great Southern Land</span>

TV Series | Documentary. A breath taking birds eye view of the worlds largest Island nation of Australia, its people and how they live, work and play from a stunningly unique angle – above.

View from a Blue Moon

<span class="dash_title_first">View from a Blue Moon</span>

Movie | Documentary, Sport. Follows the world’s most dynamic surfer John Florence and his closest friends from his home on the North Shore of Oahu to his favorite surfing destinations around the globe.

Scratching the Surface

<span class="dash_title_first">Scratching the Surface</span>

Movie | Documentary, Sports. Story of a kid that rode his first wave the same day he took his first steps and his rise to become a surfing megastar.

Death of the Megabeasts

<span class="dash_title_first">Death of the Megabeasts</span>

TV Movie | Documentary. A team of top scientists from around the world attempt to crack one of science’s most enduring mysteries.

The Amazing Race

<span class="dash_title_first">The Amazing Race</span>

TV SERIES | ACTION/ADVENTURE, FAMILY >> Multiple teams race around the globe for $1,000,000 to ‘amazing’ locations.

Rapture of the Deep

<span class="dash_title_first">Rapture of the Deep</span>

TV Movie (Germany) Two-part event action/drama film about a team of oceanographers trying to prevent an environmental catastrophe off the Australian west coast.

Bush Mechanics

<span class="dash_title_first">Bush Mechanics</span>

TV Mini-Series documentary. Off-beat series following the exploits of the Bush Mechanics, a group of engaging Aboriginal characters, as they travel through central Australia.