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Skills-Based Pilot Error is – and for the past decade, has consistently been – the single biggest cause of accidents & incidents globally.

When academic research widely evidences that Error Management Training is far more effective at reducing future incidents of human error than the far more commonplace Error Avoidance Training (‘EAT’), it is hard to understand why so few teach student pilots in this way.

What’s the difference? 

In flight training:

  • EAT involves task-based training that teaches students to avoid errors by educating about them but practically learning to avoid errors by mastering each task, one at a time. If errors are committed, the instructor will step in to correct and explain.
  • EMT involves scenario-based training that turns ground school theory into realistic (multi-tasked) flight training, where errors are most likely to occur. Flight parameters are set so that when errors are committed, the student can safely attempt to correct themselves, which is where the deep learning and recall occurs in a way that is less process focused and more solution focused.

At Specialist Helicopters, you will experience the difference of EMT.  Spoiler-alert: It is far more challenging than EAT as it includes distractions that will be encountered in the commercial environment.  But in return, you walk away with a lower likelihood of committing skill-based errors and a greater ability to handle unexpected situations.