Good Reads Error Management Training

Skills-Based Pilot Error is the single biggest cause of accidents & incidents globally

And evidence suggests this can be addressed through EMT-based training.

It is widely evidenced that Error Management Training ("EMT") is far more effective at reducing future Human Error than Error Avoidance Training ('EAT"), which is why we train using EMT.

What's the difference? EMT involves putting students into situations where errors are most likely to occur, for example touchdown in an autorotation. EAT involves avoiding those errors, for example, power-recovered autorotation. As a result, EMT is far more challenging than EAT, but there's plenty of evidence to suggest you're less likely to become the next statistic with this kind of training under your belt.

Below are two (of many) studies evidencing the same: (1) Best Practice report from ATSB on EMT, and, (2) a meta-analysis (statistical study of multiple other academic studies) on the effectiveness of EMT,

(1) EMT: Defining Best Practice - ATSB

Download PDF (744 KB)


(2) Meta-analysis on the effectiveness of EMT

Download PDF (150 KB)